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  1. Superbook:He is Risen (DVD)
    Christian Broadcasting
    HE IS RISEN! (DVD) Join Chris, Joy and Gizmo on an unforgettable journey as Superbook takes them—along with Chris’ mother, Phoebe—to Jerusalem, where they meet another mother and Son. Witness the obedience and suffering that le.....

  2. Superbook:In the Beginning (DVD)
    Christian Broadcasting
    In The Biginning (DVD)   Join the adventure as Superbook takes Chris, Joy, and Gizmo to witness Lucifer's rebellion and fall from heaven. Then explore the beauty of God's creation in the Garden of Eden---and discover how Adam and Eve bring.....

  3. Superbook:Miracles of Jesus (DVD)
    Christian Broadcasting
    MIRACLES OF JESUS (DVD)   Get ready for a thrilling adventure as Superbook takes Chris, Joy and Gizmo to ancient Israel.  Witness how Jesus heals a paralyzed person, calms a storm, and sets a man free from evil spirits.  Discover.....

  4. Superbook:A Giant Adventure (DVD)
    Christian Broadcasting
    A Giant Adventure (DVD)   In A Giant Adventure Superbook takes our heroes on the frontline of battle when David meets the giant Goliath. CBN’s Superbook team is made up of Emmy-winning artists and storytellers, whose credits include M.....

  5. Superbook:The Last Supper (DVD)
    Christian Broadcasting
    The Last Supper (DVD)   In "The Last Supper" Superbook whisks the kids off to Jerusalem and Chris learns from Jesus that even though Jesus is famous, he was humble and served others. Read More  .....

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