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  1. Badge of Faith (DVD)
    BADGE OF FAITH (DVD) BRYAN LAWRENCE is a cop who’s dedicated his career to the entire concept of ‘To Protect and Serve’.  But a chance encounter with two fugitives ends with Bryan being kicked in the face, paralyzing him f.....

  2. Faith Like Potatoes (DVD)
    D03246 DVDI
    Global Creative Studios(Pty) Ltd
    A farmer moves his family to South Africa and suffers a series of seemingly insurmountable losses. Through unlikely friendships and much needed divine intervention, he discovers his life's true purpo se and it sustains his unwavering belief in t.....

  3. Baroudeur (DVD)
    Baroudeur Movie (Pty) Ltd
    When it seems like you've lost everything - use what you've got and let God multiply it.Francois is a hard-working husband and dad who get retrenched. None of his efforts to find another job succeed and he is forced to use what he has, including.....

  4. Not Today (DVD)
    Ocean Avenue Entertainment
    Beaten down by the centuries-old caste system, the Dalits are trapped in India's thriving sex trade, with young children being bought and sold every day. Friends Media, a ministry of Friends Church in California, created this powerful new film t.....

  5. Flywheel (DVD)
    Sherwood Pictures
    Jay Austin wants to sell used cars in the worst way ... and that's exactly how he does business at his dealership. Promising much more than he can ever deliver, he'll do whatever it takes to sell a c ar. His manipulative ways permeate all of his.....

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