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  1. This is Our Time - Live Deluxe (CD/DVD)
    Fresh from filling stadiums in far-flung locales throughout Asia, Africa, South America and Australia. Planetshakers are poised to release their upcoming project, This Is Our Time.The album, which was recorded live in Melbourne, A.....

  2. Live Delux Edition (CD/DVD)
    Paul Baloche
    Dove Award-winning songwriter Paul Baloche has given himself to equipping and training worship leaders to engage and encourage the church in worship. As a local worship pastor, he has done this by example as well as teaching – all while cr.....

  3. Live At The Night Deluxe (CD/DVD)
    John Mark McMillan
    Electric and intimate, capturing the essence that is John Mark McMillan. John Mark McMillan’s upcoming project, and also his first live album, is a collection of well-known anthems such as “Future/Past” and “Ho.....

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