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  1. Courageous (DVD)
    Alex & Stephen Kendrick
    Heroes protecting the streets Fathers struggling to connect A tragedy that will awaken them to a greater calling From the creators of Fireproof comes an inspiring new story about everyday heroes who long to be the kinds of dads that make a li.....

  2. Summer Snow (DVD)
    Bright Light
    One life can really make a difference! When Susan Benson died, it forever changed her husband Dan, and kids Julie, David, and Hallie. Forced to find a new “normal,” the Benson’s must now relearn how to be a family and each fig.....

  3. They Grow Up Fast (DVD)
    Cobalt Pictures
    With the birth of his first child, Independent filmmaker Darren Doane picked up his camera and began documenting the process of becoming a family. Ten years in the making, They Grow Up Fast is a profound and entertaining documentary for the enti.....

  4. Seasons Of Gray (DVD)
    Sarah Stehlike
    Loved by his father, hated by his brothers, and gifted in ways most couldn't understand ... Brady Gray was destined to live a life far beyond the ordinary. Resented to the point of unthinkable betrayal, he is forced off their New Mexico ranch by.....

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