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  1. God Of The Impossible (CD)
    Lincoln Brewster
    Renowned worship leader Lincoln Brewster’s tenth album, God of the Impossible, comes from a place of rediscovering what he knows to be true: Our Father holds it all, He is in complete control and nothing can separate us from His love. Son.....

  2. Superbook 2: Elijah And The Prophets Of Baal (DVD)
    Christian Broadcasting
    Chris is so obsessed with becoming the most powerful “god” in a video game that he neglects his friends and family. That’s when Superbook sweeps Chris, Joy and Gizmo back to ancient Israel, where they meet Elijah, a prophet of.....

  3. Superbook 2: The Prodical Son (DVD)
    Christian Broadcasting
    When Chris and Joy’s next door neighbor decides to run away from home because he thinks his father will never forgive him for wrecking his motorcycle, Superbook whisks the kids off to hear Jesus tell the parable of the Prodigal Son. During.....

  4. Superbook 2: Job (DVD)
    Christian Broadcasting
    Chris is having the worst week of his life. When his Grandpa suddenly dies he feels as though he can’t go on. He wants to blame someone for all his pain and doesn’t understand why such bad things are happening to him when he tries so.....

  5. Superbook 2: Gideon (DVD)
    Christian Broadcasting
    When Joy is called to leadership in a difficult situation she doesn’t think she’s the right person for the job. Superbook takes the kids back to meet Gideon, a man who some would think the last choice to lead the Israelites into batt.....

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