1. October Baby (DVD)
    Samuel Goldwyn Films
    OCTOBER BABY is a coming of age story of a 19 year old freshman named Hannah. Hannah has always felt like an outsider. Something is missing. Although she is an incredible stage actor with a lovable n aivety, She has always had a deep seated fee.....

  2. King's Faith (DVD)
    Provident Films
    In his darkest moment, Brendan found faith. Now he must decide if it's worth the price to hold on to it.After Brendan King's life spiraled to rock bottom, the teen found hope in a new relationship with Christ while serving time in a juvenile pen.....

  3. Facing The Giants (DVD)
    Alex Kendrick & Stephen Kendrick
    From the award-winning producers of FLYWHEEL comes a new, action-packed, family-friendly drama about a high school football coach who draws up a new game plan for his team … and himself. In his six y ears of coaching, Grant Taylor has never ha.....

  4. Home Run (DVD)
    Samuel Goldwyn Films
    Baseball all-star Cory Brand knows what it takes to win in the big leagues. But off the field, with memories of his past haunting him, his life is spiralling out of control.Hoping to save her client's career and reputation after a DUI and a team.....

  5. Flywheel (DVD)
    Alex Kendrick & Stephen Kendrick
    Jay Austin wants to sell used cars in the worst way ... and that's exactly how he does business at his dealership. Promising much more than he can ever deliver, he'll do whatever it takes to sell a c ar. His manipulative ways permeate all of his.....

  6. Faith Like Potatoes (DVD)
    D03246 DVDI
    Global Creative Studios (Pty)
    A farmer moves his family to South Africa and suffers a series of seemingly insurmountable losses. Through unlikely friendships and much needed divine intervention, he discovers his life's true purpo se and it sustains his unwavering belief in t.....

  7. Fireproof (DVD)
    Alex Kendrick & Stephen Kendrick
    A reminder of what it takes to win in marriage! At work, inside burning buildings, Capt. Caleb Holt lives by the old firefighter's adage: Never leave your partner behind. At home, in the cooling embers of his marriage, he lives by his own rules.....

  8. Courageous (DVD)
    Alex Kendrick & Stephen Kendrick
    Four men, one calling: To serve and protect. From the creators of Fireproof comes an inspiring new story about everyday heroes who long to be the kinds of dads that make a lifelong impact on their children. As law enforcement officers, Adam Mit.....

  9. Triple Play Boxed Set (DVD)
    Alex Kendrick & Stephen Kendrick
    It started when a church in Albany, Georgia USA asked: What would happen if we made a movie? Three successful films later, Sherwood Pictures - in partnership with Provident Films - is inspiring movie goers with hope-filled, heartfelt stories......

  10. The Grace Card (DVD)
    Affirm Films
    Witness the power of forgivenessEverything can change in an instant...and take a lifetime to unravel.When Mac McDonald loses his son in an accident, the ensuing 17 years of bitterness and pain erodes his love for his family and leaves him angry.....

  11. Amazing Love (DVD)
    Christiano Film Group
    Teenagers Steve, Carrie, Cooper, and Gameboy embark on a weekend camping trip led by their church youth group leader Stuart (Sean Astin) and his wife Beth (Erin Bethea). Joining them is teen outsider Ashley, who is materialistic and self-involve.....

  12. Jesus He Lived Among Us (DVD)
    Voice of the Martyrs
    He was born in humble obscurity, yet His family had to flee to save Him from a jealous ruler. He forgave sins, healed the sick and gave hope to the downhearted and oppressed, yet He was despised and rejected by many. He spoke the truth even when.....

  13. Ring The Bell (DVD)
    Whitney Beach Pictures
    Slick, big city sports agent Rob Decker has it all. But on his latest mission to sign a high school baseball superstar, Rob becomes stranded in a small town where the simplicity of life - and the faith of the people -stands in stark contrast to.....

  14. Destiny Road (DVD)
    R C Treveiler
    Each of us walks the path of time and meets our destiny. But sometimes, during this journey, the circumstances of life seem to swallow us up, and we end up getting lost.Frank is a dedicated religious leader who becomes obsessed by power and unbr.....

  15. The Jesus Storybook Bible Animated Volume 1 (DVD)
    Sally Lloyd-Jones
    Send your children on the greatest of all adventures. The multiple award-winning Jesus Storybook Bible, written by Sally Lloyd-Jones and illustrated by Jago, now comes to life as short animated videos. Narrated by British actor David Suchet, th.....

  16. Hidden Rage (DVD)
    Norton Rodriquez
    Joshua, a 17 year old student, goes to school every day because he has to. Every day he gets picked on, beat up, and bullied. His teachers are unaware, security can only react to what they see, and his best friend is too afraid to come to his de.....

  17. Uncommon (DVD)
    Bill Rahn & Other
    Uncommon – Jesus combined diverse people and assorted stories to change the world! Now, He wants to use you! When the students of Rosewood High School lose their theatre, music and dance departments due to budgets cuts, they create their o.....

  18. Moms' Night Out (DVD)
    Kevin Downs
    A hilarious comedy that celebrates real family life—where everything can go wrong and still turn out all right. All Allyson and her friends want is a peaceful, grown-up evening of dinner and conversation... a long-needed moms’ n.....

  19. Finding Faith (DVD)
    Jason Campbell
    A compelling faith-based film about Internet safety every family needs to watch together. The Garrett's are a model family for their church and community. But when an online predator abducts 14-year-old Faith Garrett, their faith is pushed to t.....

  20. Summer Snow (DVD)
    Bright Light
    One life can really make a difference! When Susan Benson died, it forever changed her husband Dan, and kids Julie, David, and Hallie. Forced to find a new “normal,” the Benson’s must now relearn how to be a family and each fig.....

  21. Joseph: Beloved Son, Rejected Slave, Exalted Ruler (DVD)
    Herald Entertainment
    A moving story that powerfully demonstrates God’s hand in all things, big and small. From the creators of Jesus: He Lived Among Us comes the thrilling biblical story of Joseph, a 90-minute animated feature film for ages five and up. Jose.....

  22. 77 Chances (DVD)
    Echo Light Studios
    A story about letting go. Aspiring photographer Jason (Andrew Cheney, Seasons of Grey) is stuck in a rut. He moved back home after his mother died to help his sister Eva (Erin Bethea, Fireproof) run the family business. Now, he feels like each.....

  23. Beyond The Heavens (DVD)
    Echo Light Studios
    The story about a boy whose search for answers leads him to faith. Oliver is a bright 12-year-old who lives in the shadow of his parents’ loss of their first son. His family appears fine on the outside, but is broken behind closed.....

  24. Alison's Choice (DVD)
    Marchmin Films
    “I love you, Alison, and I love your baby too…” When young Alison finds herself pregnant by a dead-beat boyfriend, she turns to abortion. There in the clinic, as she waits for her name to be called, she encounters a cast of ext.....

  25. I am Potential (DVD)
    Bright Light
    Patrick Henry Hughes (Jimmy Bellinger) was a talented musician who always wanted to be a part of something bigger than himself. He dreamed of one day joining the U of L marching band but there was one problem: Patrick Henry was born with out eye.....

  26. Wildflower (DVD)
    Faith Street Films
    When a college student starts having a reoccurring nightmare, she begins to believe that it’s a suppressed memory. Her search to find answers forces her to confront her past traumas, while at the same time, helps her unlock a mystery that.....

  27. Theo God's Heart Volume 3 (DVD)
    DBM Communications Inc
    THEO: GOD'S HEART (VOLUME 3) Through fun and engaging storytelling, Theo teaches children God’s word and how they ought to live in light of it. Enjoy the stories and lessons of Theo, a student of Godʼs Word. Our animated series guide.....

  28. In Lawfully Yours (DVD)
    Various Artists
    Sometimes a second chance comes when you least expect it! In-Lawfully Yours is a romantic comedy about Jesse (30), a fun-loving New York City girl, who, after her husband Chaz cheats on and divorces her, still graciously helps her recently wido.....

  29. Badge of Faith (DVD)
    BADGE OF FAITH (DVD) BRYAN LAWRENCE is a cop who’s dedicated his career to the entire concept of ‘To Protect and Serve’.  But a chance encounter with two fugitives ends with Bryan being kicked in the face, paralyzing him f.....

  30. Voiceless (DVD)
    Provident Films
    When Jesse Dean, a recently discharged soldier, moves to Philadelphia to take a new job as an outreach leader at an old church whose membership has been declining, he discovers there's an abortion clinic directly across the street. A major confr.....

  31. Superbook:In the Beginning (DVD)
    Christian Broadcasting
    In The Biginning (DVD)   Join the adventure as Superbook takes Chris, Joy, and Gizmo to witness Lucifer's rebellion and fall from heaven. Then explore the beauty of God's creation in the Garden of Eden---and discover how Adam and Eve bring.....

  32. Superbook:The Test (DVD)
    Christian Broadcasting
    THE TEST (DVD) CAMDV937142626   In "The Test!" Superbook takes our heroes on a journey through Abraham's obedience to God where they learn to put God first, above all else......

  33. Superbook:A Giant Adventure (DVD)
    Christian Broadcasting
    A Giant Adventure (DVD)   In A Giant Adventure Superbook takes our heroes on the frontline of battle when David meets the giant Goliath. CBN’s Superbook team is made up of Emmy-winning artists and storytellers, whose credits include M.....

  34. Superbook:The Road to Damascus (DVD)
    Christian Broadcasting
    The Road To Damascus (DVD)   In "The Road to Damascus" Superbook takes our heroes on a journey where they encounter the sinister Saul of Tarsus. Through experiencing Saul's dramatic life change, the kids return home with a renewed hope that.....

  35. Superbook:Roar (DVD)
    Christian Broadcasting
    ROAR!   In Roar!, Superbook takes the kids off to an adventure where they meet Daniel and King Darius in the land of Babylon. CBN’s Superbook team is made up of Emmy-winning artists and storytellers, whose credits include Mulan, The L.....

  36. Superbook:Revelation The Final Battle (DVD)
    Christian Broadcasting
    Revelation the Final Battle (DVD)   In "Revelation!" Superbook takes our heroes to witness the end of days and through this experience, he discovers the greatness of God's forgiveness and restoration.  .....

  37. Superbook:Jacob & Esau (DVD)
    Christian Broadcasting
    Jacob & Esau (DVD)   In "Jacob and Esau" Superbook intercedes and whisks the kids back to the days of Jacob and Esau to witness forgiveness. Read More  .....

  38. Superbook:The First Christmas (DVD)
    Christian Broadcasting
    The first Christmas (DVD)   Superbook---now reimagined for a new generation! When young Chris remarks to his family that their nativity scene is just another decoration---like reindeer or Santa's elves---he, Joy, and their robot, Gizmo, are.....

  39. Superbook:He is Risen (DVD)
    Christian Broadcasting
    HE IS RISEN! (DVD) Join Chris, Joy and Gizmo on an unforgettable journey as Superbook takes them—along with Chris’ mother, Phoebe—to Jerusalem, where they meet another mother and Son. Witness the obedience and suffering that le.....

  40. Superbook:Let My People Go (DVD)
    Christian Broadcasting
    LET MY PEOPLE GO (DVD) Join the excitement as Superbook takes Chris, Joy and Gizmo to meet Moses—a  Prince who runs away to become a shepherd. Discover how God calls him to challenge Pharaoh and lead the Israelites out of slavery in E.....

  41. Superbook:Miracles of Jesus (DVD)
    Christian Broadcasting
    MIRACLES OF JESUS (DVD)   Get ready for a thrilling adventure as Superbook takes Chris, Joy and Gizmo to ancient Israel.  Witness how Jesus heals a paralyzed person, calms a storm, and sets a man free from evil spirits.  Discover.....

  42. Priceless (DVD)
    Mission Pictures
    PRICELESS (DVD) James Stevens was, at one time, a good man with a great life -- but that was then and this is now.  After the tragic death of his wife and losing custody of his little girl, James is at the darkest crossroad of his life.&nbs.....

  43. Remember the Goal (DVD)
    Dave Christiano Films

  44. To Joey With Love (DVD)
    Various Artists
    A story of Life, Love and Hope that never dies. This movie tells the story of the incredible Joey Feek and her amazing life. Filmed while battling cancer, Joey along with her family and friends show you that it's not just physically healthy peo.....

  45. Superbook 2: Elijah And The Prophets Of Baal (DVD)
    Christian Broadcasting
    Chris is so obsessed with becoming the most powerful “god” in a video game that he neglects his friends and family. That’s when Superbook sweeps Chris, Joy and Gizmo back to ancient Israel, where they meet Elijah, a prophet of.....

  46. Superbook 2: The Prodical Son (DVD)
    Christian Broadcasting
    When Chris and Joy’s next door neighbor decides to run away from home because he thinks his father will never forgive him for wrecking his motorcycle, Superbook whisks the kids off to hear Jesus tell the parable of the Prodigal Son. During.....

  47. Superbook 2: Gideon (DVD)
    Christian Broadcasting
    When Joy is called to leadership in a difficult situation she doesn’t think she’s the right person for the job. Superbook takes the kids back to meet Gideon, a man who some would think the last choice to lead the Israelites into batt.....

  48. Superbook 2: Peters Denial (DVD)
    Christian Broadcasting
    Understand the value of true friendship Chris is desperate to play with some of the cooler kids in school in an afternoon pick-up basketball game. Just as he demonstrates his Quantum Corkscrew jump shot, Joy runs in to excitedly announce that.....

  49. Superbook 2: John The Baptist (DVD)
    Christian Broadcasting
    John the Baptist DVD When Chris is faced with a challenge between choosing to act truthfully or to take the easy (and more “fun”) pathway, Superbook whisks the kids back to meet John The Baptizer. During an exciting journey that take.....

  50. Superbook 2: Noah And The Ark (DVD)
    Christian Broadcasting
    God will care for those who trust Him! Chris and Joy are excited to skip school and hang out with a gang of tough skateboarders who don’t follow the rules. That’s when Superbook takes our heroes and their robot, Gizmo, back in time.....

  51. Superbook 2: Paul And Shipwreck (DVD)
    Christian Broadcasting
    Joy and the Quantums are helping with a disaster relief effort. However, the circumstances are so arduous that Joy soon finds she doesn’t have the strength to continue, even though her heart is in the right place. At her lowest moment, Sup.....

  52. Superbook 2: Esther (DVD)
    Christian Broadcasting
    Joy is challenged to stand up to a classmate who questions Joy’s selection of a new girl at school to join a special club. If Joy pushes for the new girl she could lose her own position in the club. Superbook whisks the kids off to meet Qu.....

  53. Superbook 2: Fiery Furnace (DVD)
    Christian Broadcasting
    Chris wrestles with making a moral decision between right and wrong — a decision Joy warns could get him in big trouble. Superbook takes him and his friends back to Babylon during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar to meet Shadrach, Meshach and A.....

  54. Superbook 2: Joseph (DVD)
    Christian Broadcasting
    Chris has a very precise plan for how he is going to get what he wants; and he can’t handle it when things don’t go according to his own plan. Superbook transports him back to ancient Egypt. As he watches Joseph rise from prisoner to.....

  55. Superbook 2: Jonah (DVD)
    Christian Broadcasting
    Mercy is a great gift to give as well as to receive. Joy witnesses Sharon Myers stealing a bike and reports it to the principal. To Joy’s surprise, Principal Travis offers Sharon mercy instead of demanding justice. As Joy questions why Sh.....

  56. All Saints (DVD)
    Various Artists
    ALL SAINTS is based on the inspiring true story of salesman-turned-pastor Michael Spurlock (John Corbett), the tiny church he was ordered to shut down, and a group of refugees from Southeast Asia. Together, they risked everything to plant seeds.....

  57. Connect (DVD)
    Provident Films
    In a social media-centered world, the smart phone has become a cultural rite of passage for kids. But is that rite all wrong? How can this generation of parents blaze a new trail to equip their kids to thrive in an ever-changing digital environ.....

  58. Because Of Gracia (DVD)
    Serv Others
    Chase Morgan would love to live up to his own name and pursue something great. It's his senior year and he’s still as insecure as ever but Eastglenn High's newest student is about to turn that around. Grácia is a girl with charisma,.....

  59. Unmiracle (DVD)
    Cobalt Pictures
    A gripping drama about keeping hope alive in the face of despair! When the most popular girl in school overdoses on drugs and lapses into a coma, everybody in town reacts in a different way. As each character's storyline affects the next, will C.....

  60. The Loft House (DVD)
    The Loft House
    As a little boy, he witnessed his mother’s suicide, and was abandoned in a boarding school by his father, rejected by his peers. Today, he fights the demons of his past. Boet, a free-spirited creative young man fails to be the son his dif.....

  61. The Masked Saint (DVD)
    Cobalt Pictures
    The Masked Saint follows the journey of former professional wrestler Chris Samuels, who retires from the ring to settle down as a small town pastor. When the pastor witnesses rampant problems in the community, he decides to moonlight as a masked.....

  62. I Believe (DVD)
    Harvest AID
    9-year-old Brian (Rowan Smyth) has a supernatural encounter with God, an experience that sends him on an adventurous quest to "find out more about what Christians believe." He faces heavy opposition from the world around him especially from his.....

  63. Grace & Gravity (DVD)
    Vision Video
    While working in the UK, American John Palmer crosses paths with British atheist Chris Arnold, who's about to end his life by leaping from a bridge. John's attempts to share his Christian faith are rejected by Chris, who is quick-witted, sarcast.....

  64. Overcomer (DVD)
    Affirm Films
    OVERCOMER DVD Life changes overnight for coach John Harrison when his high school basketball team’s state championship dreams are crushed under the weight of unexpected news. When the largest manufacturing plant in town suddenly shuts dow.....

  65. Little Notes To Heaven (DVD)
    Unseen Path Productions
    LITTLE NOTES TO HEAVEN DVD Amelia is a young woman that has lived her whole life sheltered away in a pain ridden household. Her older step brother Erik uses his drive to create a perfect family as an excuse to control and abuse the power he ha.....

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