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  1. Simply Instrumental Worship (CD)
    Various Artist
    The fourth in the newly reintroduced Simply Series. This is the album that’s full of melody. Some songs are full of symphony whilst other are acoustic. Enjoy new versions of Here I Am to Worship, In Christ Alone, Only by Grace and many mo.....

  2. Piano Chill Songs Of Fainth (CD)
    Christopher Phillips
    Soothing renditions of cherished hymns of the church. Christopher Phillips is an accomplished pianist and arranger, first taking to the keyboard at the age of four. Garnering critical praise and multiple Dove Award nominations for his instrument.....

  3. Freedom (CD)
    Michael W Smith
    Freedom is Michael W. Smith's fifteenth album. It was released in 2000 on Reunion Records, and is his first full-length disc of instrumentals. This is Michael's first of two instrumental albums, the second one being Glory......

  4. Brooklyn & Courtney (CD)
    The Collingsworth Family
    BROOKLYN & COURTNEY After touring for 17 years and performing live literally thousands of times, with multiple requests, Brooklyn & Courtney Collingsworth now present their first violin duet CD. Including on the album many of the favori.....

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