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  1. Adonai (CD)
    Various Artist
    Worship God in the language and spirit of the Holy Land! Jewish and Gentile believers gather to sing God's praise in this stirring collection, weaving Hebrew and English lyrics with modern music. Fea tures "Arise and Shine!"; "The Year of Jubile.....

  2. Lion Of Judah (CD)
    Paul Wilbur
    Passionate Worship From JerusalemLion of Judah was recorded live in Jerusalem during the Feast of Weeks.Pentecost is a time of celebration and anticipation as believers long to know the Holy Brid egroom in a deeper, more intimate way. Renowned w.....

  3. A Night Of Extravagant Worship: Live (Combo)
    Paul Wilbur
    This powerful release features Paul Wilbur at his very best, with New renditions of his finest songs including Days of Elijah, Praise Adonai, Dance with Me, Adonai and more. Recorded live in Jacksonville, FL, it's a shining example of artistic w.....

  4. Praise Adonai (CD)
    Paul Wilbur
    Featuring the messianic worship songs of Paul Wilbur, Praise Adonai celebrates the 40 Year anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem and the liberation of the Temple Mount. Joyful songs like “Pra ise Adonai,” “O Jah” and “Days of E.....

  5. The Watchman (CD)
    Paul Wilbur
    Paul Wilbur's fourth studio album is a live recording of powerful messianic praise & worship. The Watchman features an eclectic blend of acoustic, traditional, and electronic elements contributing to a diverse, powerful sound. Includes "Adonai".....

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