1. What On Earth Am I Here For? (DVD)
    Rick Warren
    Here, you will embark on a journey of discovery. In the next forty days, you and your small group will discover together the answer to life's most fundamental question: What on earth am I here for? The Purpose Driven Life Small Group Curriculum.....

  2. Built - A Life That Stands The Test Of Time (DVD)
    Louie Giglio
    What does it mean to be built? How do you build a life that, like a wisely built house, stands the test of time? Built dives into what it means to let Jesus build your life just like a house, from the foundation to the rooftop. Starting from t.....

  3. Re:Solution (DVD)
    Andy Stanley
    What breaks your heart? What would you want people lining up to thank you for at the end of your life? In this 3-part series, Andy Stanley challenges us to make a resolution that makes a difference. DVD Contents: 3 Full-Length Messages 3.....

  4. Brand New (DVD)
    Andy Stanley
    How should the world view the church? Unfortunately, we've created a brand for the church that Jesus never intended. But we have the opportunity to give everyone a Brand:New perspective. Messages: Letting Go:- The arrival of Jesus signalle.....

  5. What Makes You Happy (DVD)
    Andy Stanley
    For many, happiness is measured in moments. Experiences. It’s elusive. Unsustainable. What about you? What makes you happy? Not sure? Andy is. In this remarkable 6-part study, he reveals what makes you happy. He explores the three things a.....

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