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  1. Digital Cocaine (DVD)
    Brad Huddleston
    What’s the difference between half a line of cocaine and an hour playing a video game?   Nothing, as far as your brain is concerned. What can you do to be effective at multi-tasking? Nothing, as far as your brain is concerned. What.....

  2. Such Were Some of You (DVD)
    Mastering Life Ministries
    Be equip to more redemptively minister to homosexuals who come to your church. Such Were Some of You is a 2-hour documentary produced by Mastering Life Ministries that is designed to equip church leaders and laity in how to more redemptively mi.....

  3. Is Genesis History? (DVD)
    Heritage Films
    IS GENESIS HISTORY? (DVD)   Various experts and scientists defend the Biblical account of Genesis by giving lessons in history and discovered evidence which matches the Bible. Every topic from dinosaurs to Noah’s flood is discussed, a.....

  4. In The House Of Islam (DVD)
    David Garrison
    God at work in the Muslim world. ISIS! Al-Qaeda! Boko Haram! These radical terror groups invade your cable news channels every day. But there is another story, an even greater story that is unfolding across the Muslim world today. Come journey.....

  5. The Life Of Jesus (DVD)
    John Dickson
    I strongly recommend this study to anyone who wants to re-examine the deep historical roots of Christian faith and to find them as life-giving as they ever were.-Tom WrightJoin historian John Dickso n on this six-session journey through the most.....

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