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  1. Boundaries With Kids (DVD)
    Henry Cloud & John Townsend
    Ideal for small groups, this DVD gives parents the tools for raising their kids to take responsibility for their own actions, attitudes, and emotions. The eight sessions will help bring order to prob lematic family circumstances and guide even t.....

  2. Boundaries With Kids (Participants Guide)
    Henry Cloud & John Townsend
    Want to paint a happy future for your children? Start drawing the line today. Boundaries with Kids will help you: •        Recognize the boundary issues underlying child behaviour problems • .....

  3. Ouerskap (CD)
    Johan Smith
    Ouerskap wêreldwyd is 'n uitdaging in die veeleisende tye waarin ons leef. Daar is die druk van prestasie op vele terreine: werk, huwelik, samelewing, gemeenskap, gesin en elke ander plek of terrein waaraan jy kan dink. Tog bly die huwelik.....

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